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1st post

2008-06-27 04:33:42 by ThePVAGlue

OMG it's my first post AAARRGGGHHHHH!!!!! HELLO!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am somewhat freaked out at the moment as there is no one in the house but me and my dog, which is weird as my family live here too. So I am somewhat freaked out so I will type to take my mind off the mater.

Well I am working on all the images for my account right now so those will be up soon.

Question: Up there in the "Post Mood" section, is there a difference between "None" (No emotion) and "Emotionless" (No emotion)? hhmmmmmmmm...... interesting......or not? You decide

Cya now, have fun. I know I will because I just started SCHOOL HOLIDAYS YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAHHHHH